About ICM Holding

ICM is a logistics company created in 1994. Its main clients are oil and affiliated companies. Yet it is starting to provide its services in the healthcare industry and has a small footprint in the electricity business through its diving services.

ICM provides the following services:

ICM HoldingCustoms clearance
Clearance and delivery/transportation of equipment imported/exported by road, sea or air. While the sea and air freights may come and go anywhere (through commercial airplanes or ships), the road freights are currently being offered between Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire or between Benin and Cote d’Ivoire.

Shipping agency
Consignment of vessels; that is, allowing them to enter, do their operations (loading, offloading, repairs), and leave the territorial waters. It also involves coordinating the supply of bunker and food; and attending to the vessel crew’s requests (shore pass, cash advance, local shopping)

Labor agency
Providing temporary labor to companies to manage different office/house duties (office managers, accountants, engineers, drivers, cleaners, cooks); or to work offshore (seamen, roustabouts to assistant drillers).

ICM’s clients can rent offices to work in, houses or apartments to live in and/or use as offices, cars with drivers to move around, yards or warehouses to stock equipment, vessels to transport personnel or goods offshore or to patrol around rigs, and so on.

ICM can book hotel rooms and purchase airline tickets for its clients.

ICM provides diving services for underwater inspection or repair of dams or ports installations.

Other assistances
ICM can assist its clients to obtain visas, either to enter the territory or to travel to other countries. In addition, personnel can be assisted at the airport upon their arrival. Furthermore, ICM can source anything locally on behalf of its clients and invoice them back with its commission added.

Those services are provided with great celerity, without jeopardizing quality or business ethics. Our certificates ISO 9001 : 2008 and TRACE International confirm that.

ICM further distinguishes itself through its availability around the clock, its reliability, and its flexibility to meet clients’ needs. To do so, all clients of ICM are assigned an experienced and dedicated Project Manager who acts as the focal point and make sure internally that their needs are provided and their requests are fulfilled to their expectations and satisfactions.

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