ICM’s first activity started with Shipping agency. Thus, we provide the following in the most professional way:

Clearance In/Out
ICM get all the authorizations from the maritime authorities for your vessels (crew, supply, seismic, general cargo, tanker, rig, etc.)

Whether it is the maritime police, immigration, health, customs or any other authorities that comes to your vessel for an inspection, ICM’s shipping agents are here to coordinate and help your vessel’s crew deal with them following local rules and regulations.

Special service
Your vessel can count on ICM for:

  • Port pass for crew members
  • Crew change
  • Cash advance
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Bunkering
  • Fresh water
  • Stowaway assistance
  • Launch service (inner/outer anchorage)

Indeed, we have been providing this agency for more than 20 years; and have continuously improved our process flow. Thus, using ICM, you will be benefit from:

  • Your vessels efficiently entering and leaving the territorial waters
  • Your vessels doing their technical or commercial stop with no hassle
  • No fine/penalty (if instructions are followed)
  • Local knowledge; international standards/expertise
  • Your agent acting like an advisor to you, thereby anticipating your needs and/or avoiding you unnecessary costs or issues

But don’t take our words for it, ask around…!