Others services

Being an integrated logistics provider, ICM also assist in the following:


  • ICM has a travel agency, thereby providing cheap tickets with the flexibility you need.
  • ICM also partners with the best local hotels to book room for your personnel, sometimes at very short notice. This is particularly useful for crew changes.

Visas and Meet & Greet

  • ICM can efficiently obtain visas on arrivals for your personnel so that they do not have to go to the Ivory Coast embassy in their country of residence (which may involve airline, hotel, and other financial/time constraints).
  • Upon arrival, ICM can assist you at the airport (or border, in general).
  • ICM can also assist you in obtaining visas for other countries while here.

Local Procurement / Miscellaneous Purchases
ICM can procure local goods/equipment that you may need from local or third-party vendors and invoice you back with its commission.

Henceforth, ICM is able to fulfill all your needs in a most convenient manner.

But don’t take our words for it, ask around…!